Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well, yet another wonderful show by Fenix Drum and Dance Company has come and gone. This past Friday and Saturday nights we had full houses for the Firebirds. We followed the show with a samba line into the Artisan Theater's art gallery where everyone - dancers, drummers, and audience - shook their booties to the rhythms! It was great!!!

We have a couple of new classes coming up, starting THIS MONDAY, May 7.

Here is the current schedule, brand new classes are in RED...then keep reading for some pics from the show:

  • 3:00   Junior Afro-Acrobatics (2-10 yrs)
  • 4:00   Mixed Level West African Djembe and Djun-Djun (drums)
  • 5:00   Mixed Level West African Dance

  • 5:00   Afro Rhythm Tap (tap to the rhythm of the drums)
  • 6:00   Afro-Caribbean Dance (folkloric and popular Caribbean dances including dances of the    Orishas, rhumba, bele, bongo, and calypso)
  • 7:00   Intermediate West African Djembe (for the more advanced student who wants to take their drumming to the next level)
  • 8:00   Intermediate West African Dance (learn the more complicated techniques of West African dance and how to develop moves for solo numbers)

  • 7:00   Mixed Level Latin Congas (ideal for beginners as well as more advanced players. Folklorico and jazz styles introduced)
  • 8:00   Brazilian Samba Batucada (Brazilian percussion at its best. Use our instruments or bring your own)
Fenix @ Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th St., Sacramento, 95818

  • 1:00 pm   “Everyone Can Drum”- Senior Class

Fenix @ Davis Art Center, 1919 F St., Davis 95616

  • 5:30 pm     Family style African Dance
  • 6:00 pm      Beginning Djembe Drums

Fenix @ Fiesta Dance N Fitness, 915 3rd St., Davis 95616

  • 7:15 pm     Brazilian Samba Dance
  • 8:05 pm      West African Dance


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