Sunday, July 15, 2012

Special Guest Teacher - Lansana Kouyate

On July 21, we will have a special guest teacher, Lansana Kouyate for the Saturday Drum Class.  Lansana hails from Guinea, West Africa and plays the balafon as well as the djembe.  He conducted a workshop for us in  April of this year and was a guest artiste at the May Big Show.

Drum class on Saturday 21 will start at 3:45 pm. Please arrive early so we can stat on time.    If you wish to speak to and get acquainted with Lansana, he will be available at the studio at 3:00 pm.

This special workshop is included in the tuition of monthly paid djembe students.  Drop in fee for this special workshop  is $15 at the door. Lansana will also be playing for the drum class.

This will be a mixed-level workshop so please pass the word and encourage other drummers to attend.  This is a great opportunity to receive first hand information and instruction from a master musician.

Private one-on-one lessons will be available on Sunday 22.  This will be ideal for those students who want a more in-depth experience and a chance to work on specific projects.  These private slots are limited so please  call early for an appointment time if you are interested.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flashin' the Fenix in Guinda

Flash the Fenix! Ms. Olivia and Gyrlande at the Chedepo-Grebo Cultural Festival. This is a large extended family from Liberia that fled the war-torn country about 7 years ago and settled on a farm in Guinda, CA. We zipped up there on the fly to check it out. They performed traditional dances, singing, and drumming. It was kind of like being in Africa for a little bit! The food was very good, too.....I liked something called "Palm Butter" over my short-grain white rice....yum!

I don't know the significance of it, but in this dance each woman would try her best to sprinkle each man with what looked like talcum powder.