Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day Storytelling Festival April 21

FREE  entertainment for the whole family. 
Crafts, games, cultural performances

Angela James   
Mark Berry     
Arne Sampe        
Mike Thompson
Cherry Anderson    
Tom Wade     
Linda Kennedy     
Joyce  Ormond
Beth & Fiona Gillogly      
Timothy ‘Mr Tim’ Tomasik

Abe Sass     
Tchaka Mohammad

noon - 1:00 pm   Storytelling concert for children and families.  
1:00   - 1:30 pm  “Say it Now” featuring Tchaka Mohammad & Abe Sass
1:30   - 2:00 pm   Liars contest  (open mic -anyone can tell their tallest tale )
2:00  -  3:00 pm   Storytelling concert for children and families
3:00   - 3:30 pm   Story Slam contest.   Theme: Earth / Earth Day (open mic)
4:00   - 6:00 pm   Storytelling concert featuring special guest tellers & Fenix Drum and Dance Company.

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