For over 20 years Fenix Drum and Dance Company has been educating and entertaining with our special brand of traditional music, dance and storytelling. 

 With an array of services to fit every need, Fenix conducts school assemblies, classroom visits, residencies, workshops, after-school programs, private classes, and is a mainstay in schools and public libraries.

 Each of our programs is structured to include one or more CA VAPA standards and also touch on social issues such as cultural diversity.

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From Africa to the Americas

Narrative, drumming and dance traces the history of African-Americans from Africa to the New World.  Students receive history and geography facts as the story of the influence  of African music unfolds. This interactive program educates as well as entertains.

Drum and Dance for Joy
An interactive experience, it focusses on   stimulating the senses through drumming and dance movement.  Participants get to play a variety of musical instruments, learn  a traditional dance and showcase their individual creativity. A joyous drum and dance circle tailored for adults, children or families.  Everyone participates.  all instruments provided.

  Around the World With Rhythm

A tale of the creation of music begins this musical romp around the world with different styles of music and accompanying dance.   The emphasis in this presentation is  to show how  music  and dance can bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together.

Drum Call to Freedom
An interactive drum concert with a variety of drums from West Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean.  Line up includes congas, steeldrums, djembes and many more. Program ends with a resounding fife and drum march.

Fenix Story Theatre

   Fenix storytellers entertain with stories that  address issues such as personal and social responsibility, caring for others and our environment. International folk tales, music and costumes set the stage for this thought-provoking and creative program.  

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