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About Us

Fenix Drum and Dance Company 

Fenix Drum and Dance was founded in 2004 by the mother- daughter team of Angela J. James and
Olivia Yasmin to give families the opportunity to participate creatively in music and dance of Africa and the Diaspora. Since then, it has evolved into a recognized performance and education agency in the Sacramento area and beyond. In addition to conducting regular classes in African and Afro Caribbean music and dance, Fenix has developed a strong Education Outreach arm with certified teaching artists which serves all ages from kindergarten to college.

Our Story

Drumming is as ancient as man.  This art form has become simply a
form of entertainment in some cultures, while serving as a path to
healing in others.
One form of utilizing drums as a strategy in reclaiming and maintaining
physical and mental health is the drumming circle found in indigenous
cultures.  It is well known to those who participate in drumming circles
that the drumming experience promotes group unity and community;
provides an experience of flow; induces a light trance and euphoria;
provides a strategy for emotional release (especially anger) when
words fail; and allows an opportunity to learn to take turns in leading
and following.

Meet The Team


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